We have the Solutions for your Land Clearing and Land Improvement needs through our Innovative Eco-Friendly approach.

The Heartland Approach – We Specialize in Forestry Mulching
Forestry Mulching is an environmentally safe solution to clear your property by grinding small trees and underbrush with very little disturbance to the topsoil.
We practice selective clearing of the trees and undergrowth to be removed.
This insures that desirable, healthy, hearty trees continue to grow
and the land continues to thrive.
This method of land clearing helps to uncover & beautify your natural landscape. An added benefit is that it helps to eliminate erosion and rain storm run-off which can often occur with traditional land clearing methods.

Let’s discuss your desired result & finished use for your property.

Depending on your desired result and finished use for your property, there are several options for you to choose from to complete your project.

You may choose to leave the mulched timber and underbrush on the ground which will create a protective barrier and encourages the nutrients to settle into the soil. This will decompose and disintegrate over time and is the most cost effective approach.

If you desire a more finished look that will allow for immediate seeding of grass, other plantings, or even a pre-construction build site, you may choose to have the mulch piled up and hauled away or piled up to be burned. We are happy to discuss all options that would be most suitable for your needs and desired results.

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